The MacKay Targe

A Highland Targe by Mike Pruette

This is a highland targe based upon the targe made for Sir Donald MacKay in 1623. The original is in the collections of the Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery, University of Glasgow. This reproduction was made by Mike Pruette with Celtic Leatherworks. The front is hand tooled based on the original designs. The center brass boss is hand hammered and etched to resemble the original. The brass shield spike is 8 inches in length. The back is covered in brindle cow fur and has adjustable arm and hand straps and a custom sheath for the removable spike. The entire piece is 19 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 10 pounds.

This targe is fully functional, but is intended as Celtic art. It will be an heirloom that you will want to pass down to your children.

Please Note!

This targe has been sold already, but one just like it can be made for you. If you are interested in this targe please contact me for a delivery date estimate. Contact me at

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Please Note!

This targe has been sold already, but one very similar can be made just for you. Please contact me via email for pricing.

The MacKay Targe Gallery

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