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Ordering Wholesale Leather Bracelets

Through our wholesale program, we have tried to make it affordable for vendors and groups to have their own unique armbands. Perfect for musical groups, authors, Clans, family gatherings, church groups, festivals, and other organizations. We’ve even made them as Kickstarter.com swag for various reward tiers.

We are able to sell these leather bracelets at wholesale prices on bulk orders of 20 or more. If you are a vendor at Highland Games, Renaissance Festivals, Faires, or other events then these unique unisex cuffs will help boost your bottom line with a great profit margin.  We’ve eliminated the need to stock multiple sizes of the same item by creating a 3-sizes-in-1 unisex cuff style. The cuff has sizing holes that will create a 7, 8, or 9 inch bracelet. It can be trimmed to fit on the spot at the event by you or by the buyer.

Boost Your Sales: These leather cuffs get softer the more often they are worn, used, and handled. Our experience shows that customers love to see how buttery soft these items really get over time (it really is quite remarkable!). We highly recommend that you take one (or several) of these and start wearing it when you receive it. Then when the time comes for your event, just put on your cuff and show it off. Vendors have told us time and time again that they get the most sales when buyers saw the beloved one the vendor had on their wrist!


Currently In Stock

The armbands below are all currently available for bulk ordering.

Custom Armband Portfolio: Previous Projects

Unique custom leather bracelets can be made exclusively for you that represents your clan, group, gathering, band, book, and more. Check out these previous private commissions that have been made for groups like yours. Click on any photo to read more details about that particular project.

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