It’s difficult to think of Scotland and not be reminded of Celtic love poems or Gaelic love sayings at some point. As a proud people who value loyalty and love, this Celtic token of affection in leather is quite fitting. The saying, “tha gaol agam ort” is Scottish Gaelic for “I love you”.

The unisex design has 3 sizing holes that will create a 7, 8, or 9 inch bracelet. You can trim the excess length or leave it intact to give the wearer multiple options. The closure is a button stud in antique brass.

The leather used for our leather armband is a durable, vegetable tanned leather. It will get softer and more supple the more that the armband is worn. This is certainly a leather bracelet that the wearer will own for many years to come! You can view more photos of this item in our online store here.

This is a great item to save over on Pinterest as a birthday or Christmas present idea for your significant other or loved one (and perhaps even yourself).


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