This is the Seamair Leather Belt Flask Holder. It features three hearts in a triskele pattern embossed on the leather and surrounded by Celtic knot work to create a beautiful leather belt holder of your flask. These holder come with the stainless steel 5oz. round flask. The belt loop on the back fits belts up to 3 inches wide. See our complete description below to learn more about the Seamair.



Known as the Irish Gaelic word for clover, “Seamair” typically refers to the diminutive three or four-leafed green plant called a “shamrock”. In its three-leafed variety, the Seamair was adopted by the early Christian church in Ireland (through the direct support of Saint Patrick) as a representation of the Holy Trinity. Though the plant has tentative connections to early Pagan Celts, the broadest acceptance of the little clover sprig seems to be as a representation of both Christian faith, and Irish unity. A tradition of romance is connected to the Seamair as well: Irish brides sometimes tuck a shamrock into their bouquets to bring their marriage a lifetime of love and luck. Despite its religious and romantic connections, the Seamair gained a martial history during the turbulent 18th century in Ireland. Clovers and shamrocks in a variety of forms were worn by militiamen as a symbol of their devotion to Ireland. Since 1800, the Seamair has been included in the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom, along with the English Rose, the Scottish Thistle, and the Welsh Daffodil. Our Celtic Leatherworks Seamair design features a spiraling cluster of heart-shaped leaves that spring triumphantly from a center triquetra, augmented with trefoil knots that frame the three-leafed clover. Composed in our Seamair design is a respectful nod to each of the symbolic traditions the humble clover holds for many people who have a Celtic heart.

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Weight .05 lbs
Color Finish

Bronze, Chocolate, Classic


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