The Cirein-cròin: Celtic Dragon Sporran


Dragons were as much a part of the ancient world as the mountains and trees that surrounded the rustic people who embroidered upon their legendary existence. Not merely content to lurk in bodies of water or fly above the firmament, Dragons were credited with sculpting the very earth itself by the passage of their enormous bodies. Celebrated in a myriad of cultures in many different ways, Dragons took on a fantastic array of physical forms. One of the more unusual is that of Cirein-cròin, a shape-shifting Dragon of lore whose legend still lives in Scottish Gaelic tradition.

Large enough to feast on the body of whales, Cirein-cròin was able to disguise his massive body when necessary, and even leave the protection of the ocean to terrorize the Scottish coasts. His desire for meat, both that of man and beast, even became an archaic unit of measure! Ancient Celts would say that a massive quantity was “a Cirein-cròin's fill”.

Our Celtic Dragon features a wealth of design. Hidden in his body are the spirals of Triskelion, numerous knots, and a subtle nod to the late Urnes style of ancient Scandinavian animal artwork. This custom design is exclusively available through Celtic Leatherworks!

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This is the Celtic Dragon Sporran. It is a Rob Roy style sporran with an Interchangeable Flap. The bag is made from black deer tanned leather. The flap is full grain vegetable tanned leather with fearsome Celtic style dragon embossed into it. The flap on this bag has been hand rubbed to give it a burnished brass and steel finish.

The bag utilizes a leather drawstring cord to close the bag at the top. The second leather cord is used to loop over the concho or clasp on the flap to hold it closed. These cords are accented with a variety of metal beads. Bead style may vary on each bag.

The back of the sporran is reinforced at the top with vegetable tanned leather. The flap attaches to the back of the bag at the top with heavy duty snaps. There are two D-rings to attach it to a sporran belt. The belt loop will comfortably fit on a 2.5 inch belt should you choose to wear it that way.



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