The Landøyðan: The Nordic Raven Steel Finish Sporran Flap


Iconic in cultures throughout the ancient Western world, the raven is prevalent in Norse mythology and art. According to the 13th century Poetic Edda, Odin-the-Allfather had an enduring kinship with two ravens, respectively called Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory). However, ravens have been accorded a special place in Norse lore long before the Edda was composed: the fragmentary 9th century Hrafnsmál (“Song of Ravens”) documents a conversation between a Valkyrie and a raven. The shared stewardship of fallen warriors bind Valkyries and ravens together, though ravens have yet another connection to the battlefield: for at least three centuries, the flags and standards of Vikings featured this important feathered icon, including the legendary Landøyðan (“Land Waster”), Harald Hardrada’s infamous personal banner.

The Nordic Raven Interchangeable Flap is a Celtic Leatherworks original design! Based on the knotwork and proportions of ancient Viking and Celtic art, the Nordic Raven came to life as a fierce and complex tribute to the rich history and tradition associated with this creature for over a millennia.

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This flap fits our Interchangeable style Rob Roy Sporrans. The flap is full grain vegetable tanned leather with Jörmungandr the Nordic Dragon embossed into it. The flap on this bag has been hand rubbed to give it a burnished brass and steel finish.


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