Our Valknut Cuff design is derived from an extremely old and arcane symbol depicting three interlocking triangles. The triad of shapes has no firm historical context, though some scholars point to the 9th century Snoldelev Stone as a likely source for the design. On this stone, a conjoined trio of Viking-era drinking horns is featured, along with runes composed in the Younger Futhark alphabet. Other researchers consider it to be a variant of the Triskelion (see our Lemniscate Triskelion design!), while still others relate it to Odin. As a symbol of Odin’s power on earth, the Valknut may represent binding rune or ritual used shortly before or after death in battle.

Referencing the Borromean Ring variant of the Valknut design, we drew inspiration for our Valknut cuff from the Viking Age Sora Hammars stones in Gotland, Sweden. Included in a striking image of sacrifice over an altar, this depiction of the Valknut seems to best capture its importance to Viking culture.

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This is the Valknut Leather Cuff. It features our interpretation of the Scottish thistle embossed on the leather and surrounded by Celtic knot work to create a beautiful leather band. This cuff is a one size fits all bracelet with buckles and has five holes for sizing at 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9 inches. You can just clip off any excess length with kitchen shears. Measurements are 3 inches wide by 7-9 inches long. If you need a different size than what is available, please email me.

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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 x 3 x .25 in


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