Hildisvíni: The Battle Boar Sporran


The wild boar was a significant animal to many ancient civilizations. Revered by the Romans, Picts, and Vikings, variations of the animal can be found in architecture, heraldry, artwork, and weaponry. Throughout the Iron Age in the British Isles, boar tusks were collected and used in art, as well as for ceremonial purposes. Not only was the animal prized for its meat, the boar also symbolized strength, virility, plenty, and hospitality. Yet, it was the frenzy and heat of war that seems most associated with the symbolism of the boar. Pictish war horns (called carnyx) were based on the proportions and shape of a wild boar tusk, and frequently embellished further with effigies of wide-mouthed boar heads. “Hildisvíni” was the name given to the boar that Norse goddess Freyja rode into battle, which translated literally into “battle swine”.

Our magnificent boar is based on a variety of ancient examples. Originally drawn from an 8th-century stone carving from the Pictish hillfort of Dunadd, our design was further influenced by the beautiful Knocknagael Boar Stone. Our Hildisvíni captures the charm of the original influences, while showcasing the crisp knotwork and strong lines of all original Celtic Leatherworks designs.

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This is a custom colored . It is a Rob Roy style sporran with an Interchangeable Flap. The bag is made from black deer tanned leather. The flap is full grain vegetable tanned leather with our version of Hildisvíni: The Battle Boar embossed into it. The flap on this bag has been hand stained to give it a classic old world finish.

The bag utilizes a leather drawstring cord to close the bag at the top. The second leather cord is used to loop over the concho or clasp on the flap to hold it closed. These cords are accented with a variety of metal beads. Bead style may vary on each bag.

The back of the sporran is reinforced at the top with vegetable tanned leather. The flap attaches to the back of the bag at the top with heavy duty snaps. There are two D-rings to attach it to a sporran belt. The belt loop will comfortably fit on a 2.5 inch belt should you choose to wear it that way.


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