This is the Vegvisir Leather Cuff. It features our interpretation of the runic compass embossed on the leather and surrounded by Celtic knot work to create a beautiful leather band. This cuff is a one size fits all bracelet with buckles and has five holes for sizing at 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9 inches. You can just clip off any excess length with kitchen shears. Measurements are 3 inches wide by 7-9 inches long. If you need a different size than what is available, please email me.




One of our most popular Norse Magical Stave designs, the Vegvisir cuff is a highly detailed artist’s reproduction of the arcane original. Ritualistic in nature, Magical Staves were used by men and women in Viking cultures for a variety of purposes. Some served as general protective icons, intended as a form of visual prayer. Others were more specialized in intent and function, and covered topics from the extraordinary (to make oneself invisible), to the mundane (favorable weather for fishing).

The Vegvisir (often called the “runic compass”) is the most well-known of the Norse Magical Staves, first documented in the 19th century Huld manuscript. Despite its relatively late appearance in Viking lore, its purported use as a powerful stave of protection for travelers make it a logical choice for many who seek its benediction.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 x 3 x .25 in
Color Finish

Bronze, Chocolate, Classic


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