Pentacle Classic Finish Sporran Flap


The 5-pointed star (often called a Pentagram) is a symbol nearly as old as man himself. From ancient times, these stars were folded into a broader group of protective symbols imbued with special significance and power by the wearer, collectively called Pentacles. Pentacles function much as the Magical Staves of other cultures: intended to serve as a visual demonstration of an intention or prayer. In the early years of the Christian church, the Pentagram was adopted as a symbol of Christ on the cross. Perhaps as the result of this accepted representation, the inversion of the Pentagram was later ascribed to Occult rituals.

This is a unique Celtic Leatherworks product in that we are able to offer this five-point star design in either upright (Pentacle Star, seen on bottom right) or inverted position (Pentagram, seen on bottom left! Please specify which orientation you want in addition to the product code for the stain finish when placing your order.

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This flap fits our Interchangeable style Rob Roy Sporrans. The flap is full grain vegetable tanned leather with the Pentacle or Pentagram embossed into it. The flap on this bag has been hand stained to give it a classic old world finish.


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