The Classic Helm of Awe: The Ægishjálmur I


Presented in stark simplicity and deep, powerful lines, Celtic Leatherworks offers this classic Ægishjálmur in our Norse Magical Stave series. Ritualistic in nature, Magical Staves were used by men and women in Viking cultures for a variety of purposes. Some served as general protective icons, intended as a form of visual prayer. Others were more specialized in intent and function, and covered topics from the extraordinary (to make oneself invisible), to the mundane (favorable weather for fishing).

Though the Ægishjálmur was first mentioned in the Poetic Eddas, no extant contemporary example has been identified. However, the tradition of the Ægishjálmur remained a key feature of Norse culture for centuries. Our classic Ægishjálmur is pulled from the pages of a 17th-century Icelandic grimoire, the original illustration translated to leather in gorgeous simplicity.


This is a Rob Roy style sporran with an Interchangeable Flap. The bag is made from black deer tanned leather. The flap is full grain vegetable tanned leather with the Helm of Awe embossed into it. The flap on this bag has been hand rubbed to give it a burnished brass and steel finish.

The bag utilizes a leather drawstring cord to close the bag at the top. The second leather cord is used to loop over the concho or clasp on the flap to hold it closed. These cords are accented with a variety of metal beads. Bead style may vary on each bag.

The back of the sporran is reinforced at the top with vegetable tanned leather. The flap attaches to the back of the bag at the top with heavy duty snaps. There are two D-rings to attach it to a sporran belt. The belt loop will comfortably fit on a 2.5 inch belt should you choose to wear it that way.


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