Celtic Carolingian Cross Steel Finish Sporran Flap


Inspired by the proportions and form of a 9th century Saxon cruciform broach associated with the origins of the congregation at Canterbury, our Celtic Carolingian design is a dramatic and striking addition to our Celtic Cross Collection. This composition unites traditional, bold Carolingian knotted triquetras with the balance and visual minimalism of the ancient, symmetrical cross form. We’ve preserved the solid square center of the Canterbury piece, embellished with the knotted triquetras that balance each arm. The gently sloped arms of the cross call to mind the inset triangular forms of the Canterbury broach, which were a reference to the Holy Trinity. The triquetras themselves are another common symbol of the Trinity, appropriated from ancient Celtic culture, and used as a means of bridging the ideological divide between the Pagan and Christian world.

Our Celtic Carolingian cross is one of the simplest, yet most visually compelling designs that we offer, and is ideally suited for the leather medium. Despite its seeming simplicity, like all Celtic Leatherworks designs, the Celtic Carolingian cross is a beautiful marriage of function and form.

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This flap fits our Interchangeable style Rob Roy Sporrans. The flap is full grain vegetable tanned leather with the Celtic Cross embossed into it. The flap on this bag has been hand rubbed to give it a burnished brass and steel finish.


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