Tha Gaol Agam Ort leather bracelet

It's difficult to think of Scotland and not be reminded of Celtic love poems or Gaelic love sayings at some point. As a proud people who value loyalty and love, this Celtic token of affection in leather is quite fitting. The saying, "tha gaol agam ort" is Scottish...

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Clan MacKenzie Leather Armband

Clan MacKenzie My great grandmother, Annie MacKenzie immigrated from the Isle of Skye to Scotland County, North Carolina in 1880 at the wee young age of 4. She instilled in my grandmother and mother a sense of pride in where they came from,...

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Clan Johnstone Leather Sporran

This Rob Roy style sporran is a custom design requested by a customer recently. He saw another Clan crest sporran that I had created and wanted a sporran boldly featuring his Scottish Clan name. It features the Johnston/e Clan crest badge and the clan motto Nunquam...

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FREE Music From Albannach

I am very happy to be able to offer you "The Independence EP" by Albannach as a FREE download here. They have made it available as part of the Free Scotland campaign set to be voted on in 2014. If you don't already know,  Albannach provides the inspiration for most of...

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Artist of the Month, YC Magazine, July 2011

It was a very exciting Saturday. The latest edition of YC Magazine of York County hit the stands and I have been profiled in it as Artist of the Month for the July, 2011 issue. I want to thank the staff at YC Magazine for recognizing me with this honor. The article...

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Celtic Design Sporrans

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