Project Skill: Clan MacKenzie

Clan MacKenzie Leather Wristband

The Clan MacKenzie Leather Cuff A Leather Armband by Mike Pruette Clan MacKenzie Leather Bracelet$20.00 This is the Clan MacKenzie armband. Show off your Celtic spirit and clan pride with this unique leather cuff.  All of your friends will want to know where you got this.   This armband is 3 sizes in one. The sizing holes are 7 inch, 8 inch, and 9 inches. Trim the excess length to fit. These armbands are available now. I mail armband orders via USPS.   **For international orders, contact me at to arrange ordering and shipment. I will send you...

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Leather Clan MacKenzie Rob Roy Sporran

Clan MacKenzie Sporran A Leather Sporran by Mike Pruette This handcrafted Rob Roy style Clan MacKenzie sporran is hand tooled and hand sewn using waxed linen thread. The bag is made from premium upholstery grade leather. The flap and belt strap are made from 4 oz vegetable tanned leather, and have the Clan MacKenzie badge tooled into the flap. It has a drawstring closure for pulling the bag closed, and rotating lock on the flap.  These sporrans can also be used as belt pouches for ren faire and other costuming accessories. Please Note! This targe has been sold already,...

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