The Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Leather Cuff

A Custom Leather Bracelet by Mike Pruette

The Kalamazoo Scottish Festival is a Scottish festival and Highland games event that is held every fall in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The event includes Highland games, children’s activities, Celtic music, Clan tents, Scottish food and vendor tents. We were honored to be commissioned by the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival to create a custom leather cuff exclusively for their event merchandising table. It features the Scottish Gaelic phrase “Alba Gu Braith”, which translates into “Scotland forever”. The text “Kalamazoo Scottish Festival” has been placed underneath the main phrase. A Scottish thistle has been placed on each end as an additional tribute to Scotland. 

This leather armband is our 3-sizes-in-1 unisex style which helps to reduce merchandising costs. The sizing holes are 7 inch, 8 inch, and 9 inches. The excess length is trimmed to fit the buyer on the spot at the event (or by the recipient) which enables groups to order one leather bracelet that will cover the majority of potential buyers. The armband is designed to have a universal appeal to both men and women and easily does so. The event organizers decided to have two colors made, black and brown, in order to offer a variety of choice to potential buyers. You can get a closer look at the details by clicking on any photo.

You can find out more about ordering a custom leather bracelet for your group by visiting our custom armbands page. If you would like to purchase one of these Kalamazoo Festival bracelets, you can contact the festival association directly through their website. Proceeds from the sales of the leather bracelet go to help run the festival itself.

I'm interested in custom wholesale armbands! Please send me pricing and details.

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