The Cu Dubh Leather Cuff

A Custom Leather Bracelet by Mike Pruette
Cu Dubh Press Photo

Cu Dubh  (pronounced / Koo-Doo / or /Koo-Dove/) – With over 39K fans on Facebook and multiple CDs available, Cu Dubh wanted a unique piece of merch to offer to keep the fan love going long after the show. They travel the U.S. and Canada year round performing their dark, heavy metal bagpipe and war drum compositions at predominately Renaissance, Fairie, and Medieval festivals. Their Celtic / Viking vibe is a perfect fit for this tough leather cuff that could easily have been worn into battle!

You can find out more about Cu Dubh at their website or via their band’s Facebook page.  If you like your music thundering and heavy, we think you’ll like their warrior music style.

If you’d like to inquire about getting a custom leather cuff for your band or group, see the contact form below or shoot an email to


Merchandise Details:

3-sizes-in-1 unisex leather cuff with a custom logo design. This unique cuff style allows you to order the quantity that you would like without being forced to offer multiple sizes. The cuff has sizing holes that can be trimmed on the spot (or by the buyer) to create a 7, 8, or 9 inch bracelet. A nice profit margin on this item allows you to boost your sales without a huge investment in storage or table space. It truly is a win-win situation. Click on any image below to get a closer look.

Cu Dubh custom leather bracelet
Cu Dubh custom leather bracelet
Cu Dubh custom leather bracelet

I'm interested in custom wholesale armbands! Please send me pricing and details.

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