I was recently doing some research on Scottish targe’s and happened to stumble across this book “Highland Targets and Other Shields by James Drummond. Originally, only 50 copies of this booklet were published in 1873 by Neill and Company in Edinburgh, Scotland. There are nine illustrations in this booklet that Mr Drummond either had in his possession or had access to. So i acquired a reproduction copy for myself and scoured it cover to cover several times.

In doing later searches, I discovered an online copy available at Open Library. So if you are interested in taking a peak at this gem you can read it online. http://openlibrary.org/books/OL7055747M/Highland_targets_and_other_shields.

Highland Targets and Other Shields

Highland Targets and Other Shields by James Drummond

As for the reproduction copies available, you can find them on Amazon. They are not reset for print though, these are photo copied images of the book that have been reprinted. Therefore the quality of the images is a bit lacking. The cover of this reprint also leaves much to be desired, but it’s hard to complain to much because just having access to this text is verra nice.

The version available at Open Library is much clearer and gives you instant access to a scan of an original copy.

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