Our Rob Roy sporran utilizes a dual leather cord system to securely close the bag at two points: a long cord at the top of the bag functions as a drawstring to cinch the sporran closed, which is reinforced by a second, shorter cord that loops over the front flap closure. This system keeps the bag firmly shut until the wearer wishes to access the interior. The high-quality cords on each bag are accented with a variety of metal beads. Bead styles and selections vary from bag to bag, making each bag a truly unique creation.

Your essentials will fit easily inside the Rob Roy sporran with room to spare for any extras you wish to bring along!  Another hallmark of Celtic Leatherworks quality is the strong vegetable-tanned leather reinforcement you’ll find on the inside front panel of our Rob Roy sporrans. This section of leather strengthens the front panel where the drawstring cords pass through.

Back of the bag.

Each Rob Roy sporran is reinforced at the back with a vegetable-tanned leather panel, D-rings, and hand-stitched belt loop. Our unique Interchangeable Flap system attaches to the leather panel, using heavy-duty snaps that are secured at three points: two on the outer back, and a third that threads through the bag to attach on the interior. Your flap can be changed with ease, but won’t budge until you choose to remove it! The D-rings on the back of the Rob Roy sporran allow it to be attached to a traditional sporran belt. If you prefer to wear your sporran as a belt pouch, the belt loop will easily accommodate a belt up to 2.5” in width.

The distinctive profile of the Rob Roy sporran is ideally suited to hang against a kilt. It will easily expand to hold whatever strikes your fancy, while showcasing both beautiful craftsmanship, and your personal taste through any of our Interchangeable Flap designs. The Rob Roy sporran captures a rare union of durable function, and easy elegance.

Side View