Month: July 2015

Clan MacKenzie Leather Armband

Clan MacKenzie My great grandmother, Annie MacKenzie immigrated from the Isle of Skye to Scotland County, North Carolina in 1880 at the wee young age of 4. She instilled in my grandmother and mother a sense of pride in where they came from, and they passed this pride on to me. Although my last name is different, I am still a MacKenzie. She passed away when I was 4 years old, but I still have fond memories of her. When I discovered my talent for leather work, I wanted a way to pay homage to my roots, so I...

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Clan Johnstone Leather Sporran

This Rob Roy style sporran is a custom design requested by a customer recently. He saw another Clan crest sporran that I had created and wanted a sporran boldly featuring his Scottish Clan name. It features the Johnston/e Clan crest badge and the clan motto Nunquam Non Paratus (meaning Never Unprepared). The sporran flap features an upgraded edge treatment in hand braided deer lace. The concho closure was chosen by the customer to compliment the overall design. The Celtic concho is a copper finish and the drawstring finishings have a brass finish. The Clan Johnston/e badge flap is removable...

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